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Democracy in Lebanon Establishes Internet Presence
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Press Releases

These are the press releases we've issued over the last year. You may want to search for topics by keyword.

Recent Media Coverage of Democracy in Lebanon

  • Rice promotes democracy in Lebanon, The Arizona Republic, Tuesday, July 26, 2005, by Anne Gearan.

See excerpt below:

"The new Lebanon is one that is democratic," Rice said. "The new Lebanon is one that should be free of foreign influence. It is a Lebanon in which Lebanese should make decisions for the Lebanese."
The Bush administration often cites Democracy in Lebanon as a refreshing breeze of freedom in the region.

Read the whole article at:


  • Bush Encourages Democracy in Lebanon, The Washington Times, Wednesday, April 20, 2005, By James G. Lakely.

See excerpt below:

"I believe that a true, free society, one that self-governs, one that listens to the people, will be a peaceful society -- not an angry society, but a peaceful society," Mr. Bush said during an interview with the Lebanese Broadcasting Company, which aired in that country in prime time last night. "If that's the ultimate feeling of the people, the government -- if it's a true democracy -- will reflect that."

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  • Diaspora - De l’Europe aux États-Unis en passant par l’Amérique latine, L'Orient le Jour, Samedi 05 Mars 2005.

    See excerpt below:

    Aux États-Unis, l’association Citizens for Democracy in Lebanon, formée notamment de Libanais de la diaspora, est en train de faire signer une pétition qu’elle compte présenter aux États membres du Conseil de sécurité. Le texte appelle à désigner les assassins de l’ancien Premier ministre Rafic Hariri et au retrait total des troupes ainsi que des services de renseignements syriens du Liban avant l’organisation d’élections législatives libres.
    La pétition rend également hommage à l’armée libanaise qui a permis aux Libanais de manifester à la place des Martyrs lundi dernier et propose d’étendre la mission de la Finul jusqu’à la frontière libano-syrienne.


  • President Bush Discusses Strengthening Social Security in New Jersey, White House Press Release, March 04, 2005.

See excerpt below:

Lebanon is a democracy. Lebanon is a democracy, and we strongly support that democracy. I was pleased that Crown Prince Abdallah of Saudi Arabia sent the very same message. (Applause.) The world is beginning to speak with one voice. We want Democracy in Lebanon to succeed ...

Read the whole speech at:

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